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26 Aug

Tai Chi in the Vineyard

Are you interested in relaxation? Do you enjoy a luxurious driving experience? Is a weekend getaway just what you needed?

If you can answer yes to all three of these questions, your imagining our perfect weekend. It involves exploring the city in our new X5, practicing Tai Chi, and several glasses of our favorite wines to end the night.

25 Aug

Wine Night Out: Charlotte Uncorked

“One of these things is not like the others, which one is different, do you know?”

                                                                                                                -Big Bird (Sesame Street)


Picture it; gloomy Friday evening with on and off showers, muggy with potential, but nothing in sight. In our Charlotte groupme, we were questioning what there was to do that evening that wouldn’t be affected by the elements. “Movies, maybe?” someone mentioned. “No, nothing good is out”, I replied. “How about restaurant week?” someone else offered. “No, my birthday party is in a couple of days and the way the first outfit is setup….carbs and I aren’t speaking this week” I inserted. “Well, do you want to come up with something to do?!” someone else snipped. “I have just the idea!”

23 Aug

The Ultimate Family BBQ: BMW Edition

Nothing says the end of summer quite like the smoky-sweet flavor of a backyard BBQ in Martha’s Vineyard. The sun is out with a nice breeze in the air, the background is full of laughter and people running around. On one end of the resort you have the classic games we all grew up playing. You remember these games, the ones that make you want to be a kid again or the games that make your kids call you old. Parents watch as their kids are having a great experience and so much fun in the bouncy house. L&L Catering BMW understands spending time together as a family is important, that's why ending the week of festivities with...
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22 Aug

Getting Baked with BMW

The last few weeks of summer are approaching quickly, so we leaped at the opportunity to spend a week in Martha’s Vineyard, and the first activity on our agenda was a classic New England clambake. Being from the mid-west clams are not something we fancy. It might sound cliché but we’re more steak and potato type of women, but why not be adventurous with our palate. We learned quickly that a New England clambake is a summer tradition on the East coast. So we joined the natives, took in a beautiful sunset and an evening of fresh seafood prepared on site with the best ingredients. The night was off to a great start as we hit the red carpet while the sounds...
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14 Jul

When Wine & Fashion Collide

It is a beautiful thing when wine and fashion collide.  So anytime shopping with a brand that exudes luxury and elegance, such as Gucci, leaves me in retail heaven. Now maybe it’s just me, but when I see the Gucci logo, my eyes tend to light up and  excitement rises up within. This was never more true than on my recent trip to Florence, Italy, the headquarters of this amazing brand. As I strolled down the streets looking through the amazing galleries of art and shops, I stumbled upon a gallery that I never knew existed – Gucci Museo. Imagine stumbling on a museum that takes you on a journey through the history of your favorite brand.  The honor was...
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23 Jun

One Sip At A Time:Tasting Guidance

Last month we began our wine exploration with the article “Wine Knowledge: Terms To Add To Your Vocab”, and we wanted to continue with “Tasting Guidance”. Our simple tips and guidelines will help you gain a deeper understanding of wine and assist in discovering your palate. Take art for instance for most it’s not something you grow up with an appreciation for but along the way you find a style which peeks your interest. It’s no different when learning to appreciate wine. The more you taste multiple varietals the better you’re able to understand and enjoy the details expressed in each. The ability to sniff out the different notes is essential for tasting. Begin by holding your nose while you take your...
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14 Jun

Cocktails & Flats:{NO} SIX INCH HEELS

If you’re a woman after my heart, you’re a shoe lover like me! Shoes always fit, they speak for me when I don’t want to talk and they complete every outfit. They come in all shapes and sizes and are definitely the key to my happiness! In an effort to preserve my joints, particularly my knees, I’ve sought out ways to still be fly and comfortable. As fate would have it, shorter heels and flats are now in style (again), and there so many cute ones to choose from!

10 Jun

Eat Well. Drink Often:The Gathering

Everything was set perfectly. The multiple arrangements of flowers filled the room with a beautiful scent that was accompanied by the soft ambiance of lit tea lights placed strategically  (across the room).  Jazz playing softy in  throughout the background. As I thought back to the etiquette training I had as a child, I remember thinking that I had successfully achieved every component to proper hosting; sight, sound, smell, and soon enough, taste.

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